Leading the Global Energy Transition across the Globe

Mitsui has held joint interests in the U.S. oil and gas industry for more than a decade and continues to seek investment opportunities. Today, our company, Mitsui E&P USA LLC, a North American E&P unit of Mitsui & Co. Group, maintains a joint working interest in almost 3,000 oil and gas wells.

Mitsui E&P USA LLC is a Houston-based, independent oil and gas exploration and production company that oversees upstream activities across the western hemisphere including the Eagle Ford play in South Texas, the Marcellus gas basin in the northeast portion of the United States, the Kaikias subsea tie-back project in the Gulf of Mexico, and exploration blocks in Brazil and Argentina. The company collaborates with other Mitsui E&P organizations around the world with offices in Australia, Italy, UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

We are a value-focused energy company, seeking strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies that will lead the global energy transition. We are a group of collaborative professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of the future that includes clean, reliable energy for humanity. We are focused on technical and operational excellence in everything we do. We believe that safety first is a top priority, that we are ordained to be good environmental stewards, and that we are called to be good corporate citizens in all the communities where we have a footprint. We believe these core values are essential for any long term successful and sustainable business venture.