When are Royalty Interest Revenue Payments made?

Payments via check and electronic funds transfer are issued by the last day of the month. Absent a lease agreement to the contrary, Mitsui E&P USA LLC issues payment to a royalty interest owner once the owner’s proceeds from all wells for which Mitsui E&P USA LLC must pay the royalty interest owner accumulates to fifty dollars ($50) or at year-end, whichever occurs first.

Lost Check Thirty (30) Days

If your check has been lost and not found within thirty (30) days of issuance, please email or send a letter via mail to 1300 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1800, Houston, TX 77056. Include the name, address, and owner number of the current royalty interest owner to void and reissue the payment.

Why is the Decimal Interest on my division order different than others that I have received?

The decimal interest on your Division Order issued by Mitsui E&P USA LLC only sets forth our share of your total unit interest. Our share of your total unit interest is based on our contractual agreement(s) with the working interest owner(s).

Can I email or fax my executed division order in lieu of sending via USPS?

Yes, you may send in your executed division order via email attachment to or fax to (713) 634-2951.