Moving Forward

Mitsui has a long, proud history going back over 150 years, but we recognize that past success does not guarantee future success. The future requires vision and bold innovation, so our employees are challenged every day to think outside the box, anticipate where the future is headed, and bring forward creative ideas to capture value that also benefits society. The future requires strong partnerships and alliances, so we focus on building strong relationships built on trust and respect to facilitate clear and transparent communications throughout our organization as well as with our external partners. MEPUSA is positioning itself to lead the charge into the future and help facilitate the energy transition that is coming.

Our goals to propel MEPUSA toward a successful future include the following:

Maximize the value of our existing assets and deliver expected results and returns while improving the productivity of all our efforts - We are looking for people who feel empowered to act and hold themselves and others accountable for results.

Continuously refine and transform our portfolio to capitalize on unique opportunities, while looking to the future and address the energy transition challenge in order to build a sustainable business model aligned with being good environmental stewards - We want people who care about the future and want to have a positive impact on the global stage.

Build upon our past success and experience as we look to increase our influence and control our future more directly to become a successful and sustainable energy company, including becoming a US onshore operator - We want to be the employer of choice for highly talented and motivated individuals looking to make an impact and have a successful, diverse Careers path.

As we look toward the future, we are excited that MEPUSA plans to take a more significant and active role in providing for the energy needs of society, including opportunities to operate US onshore upstream assets, as well as being active participants in meeting the energy transition.